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Coronavirus Cleaning & Sanitizing Process

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    Current disease cleanup practices

    Capitol Sanitizing is the leading Harrisburg COVID-19 disease cleanup and bioremediation service using the guidelines set by the CDC and the WHO. We regularly check new, peer-reviewed research and integrate the know-how to our existing practice.

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    Industry-grade disinfectants

    We use industrial-strength cleaning and disinfecting solutions effective on a broad spectrum of disease-causing pathogens. At Capitol Sanitizing we make sure that our disinfectants are not only certified by the CDC, but are also environment-friendly (EPA-registered).

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    Protective gear compliance

    We also ensure the best protection for our team as they carry out our professional services. Our certified cleanup technicians are equipped with fully encapsulating PPEs or personal protective equipment (including full-face air-purifying respirators and chemical-resistant clothing) to prevent further disease spread and contamination.

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    Reliable, safety-centered system

    We implement a strict COVID-19 demobilization process from start to finish, whether it’s for disinfecting affected areas, disinfecting our own equipment or transporting and disposing of hazardous/highly-contagious waste materials.

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